Status Request / Status Response

Messages of types status_request and status_response are intended to be used as information messages about device battery status and RF parameters.

Status messages are implementing LoRaWAN MAC-command DevStatusReq / DevStatusAns functionality.

To retrieve device status using DevStatusReq, you should perform the following steps:

  1. The AS sends a status_request message to the NS.
  2. The NS retrieves information from the device and sends it through a status_response message to the AS.

Let's walk through the sequence diagram to understand how the status message flow works:

This is what the sequence looks like:

  • The AS sends a status_request message to the NS.
  • The NS sends a downlink with DevStatusReq a MAC command to the device.
  • The NS receives an uplink with DevStatusAns a MAC command from the device.
  • The NS creates a status_response message for the AS and sends it.

Status Request

Status request - this is a message of type status_request, that was sent from the AS to the NS.


You should specify the following fields of status_request message metadata before sending it:

  • device - device identifier (dev_eui)
  • network - network identifier that this device belongs to

It is possible to specify a gateway as an option to ask the NS downlink optimization engine to use a specific gateway to send downlink message. If this gateway is not active, then the request will not be sent.


There are no parameters in this message.


    "meta": {
        "network": "1a3f34a3",
        "device": "ba27356cb8a25961"
    "type": "status_request"

Status Response

Status response - this is a message of type status_response, that is sent form the NS to the AS.


Name Description
battery float, Device battery level: 1-254 (0=external power source, 255=unknown), required
snr float, Signal-to-noise ratio in dB rounded to the nearest integer value for the last successfully received packet, required
rx_time float, time in unixtime, when gateway received this packet, required


    "meta": {
        "network": "1a3f34a3",
        "packet_hash": "5e99eb9640ea76257911d3ebeb525b07",
        "application": "64649e06824532c7",
        "device_addr": "ac1ffea9",
        "time": 1504638907.180523,
        "device": "ba27356cb8a25961",
        "packet_id": "1c87b507b5fa4ef0f610d7f1befd593d",
        "gateway": "4adc2ea8e5a8fc8f"
    "params": {
        "battery": 254.0,
        "snr": 20.0,
        "rx_time": 1504638907.171101
    "type": "status_response"

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