Messages with the info type are auxiliary messages that are designed to provide more information about message processing steps to the AS.

This is an example of a successful OTAA process:

  • The Device initiates the OTAA process and sends a join_request to the NS.
  • The NS processes the join_request, creates a join_accept and sends a message of type info to the AS, which informs that the OTAA process was completed successfully.


Name Description
message string, required
code string, optional


    "meta": {
        "network": "a5cd542d",
        "packet_hash": "2ed8b2694a5e0c8e24e5bb2229124192",
        "application": "0fbdac8884ed782b",
        "time": 1504699637.060622,
        "device": "51924777a6205c40",
        "packet_id": "fc3d9d3550f3cc2419e718873f230e7b",
        "gateway": "e576313d4513efc4"
    "params": {
        "message": "Join request accepted"
    "type": "info"

List of Info messages

  • Downlink message scheduled to send
  • Requesting downlink message from application was successful
  • Join request duplicate received
  • Join request accepted
  • Join response succesfully received from application
  • Data message received and processed
  • Uplink message without payload received and processed
  • Status message delivered to application
  • Uplink message duplicate received

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