Messages of type location are intended to be used as an information messages about device geolocation solutions. They are generated in case of new solution is available for a particular device.

Each solution contains estimated geographical coordinates of the sensor and some specific information

Currently supported methods:

  • simple:moving

Method simple:moving

This method resolves device position based on received uplinks signal quality.


Name Description
solutions array, Array of geolocation solutions this device supports

Solution object

Name Description
lat float, Latitude
lng float, Longitude
precision float, Precision of solution result, in meters
method string, Name of solution method
quality float, The quality of solution, should be used to compare solutions


  "meta": {
    "packet_hash": "899e8989368abce7c62eb1342be086a5",
    "org": "59bd2b1c61a6040008f6a110",
    "time": 1527533919.123981,
    "device": "6231384f96b377f7",
    "application": "62982a08f8ae78cd"
  "type": "location",
  "params": {
    "solutions": [
        "lat": 51.50740,
        "lng": 0.12780,
        "quality": 1,
        "precision": 1200,
        "method": "simple:moving"

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